Monday, July 10, 2006

Printing a GridView

so many time we want to print a page with grid on it. its very simple if we do it with help of javascript here is an example which will help you.

1. create a page with GridView and a button control on it.
2. link gridview with datatable.
3. add a button arrtibute like this.
printbtn.Attributes.Add("Onclick", "Print('Print_Area');");
4. now write Print function in aspx file like this
function getPrint(print_area)
//Creating new page
var pp =;
//Adding HTML opening tag with <HEAD> … </HEAD> portion
pp.document.writeln('<HTML><HEAD><title>Print Preview</title>')
pp.document.writeln('<LINK href=Styles.css type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">')
pp.document.writeln('<LINK href=PrintStyle.css type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="print">')
pp.document.writeln('<base target="_self"></HEAD>')
//Adding Body Tag
pp.document.writeln('<body MS_POSITIONING="GridLayout" bottomMargin="0"'); pp.document.writeln(' leftMargin="0" topMargin="0" rightMargin="0">');
//Adding form Tag
pp.document.writeln('<form method="post">');
//Creating two buttons Print and Close within a HTML table
pp.document.writeln('<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>');
pp.document.writeln('<INPUT ID="PRINT" type="button" value="Print" ');
pp.document.writeln('<INPUT ID="CLOSE" type="button" value="Close" onclick="window.close();">');

pp.document.writeln ('</TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR></TABLE>');
//Writing print area of the calling page
//Ending Tag of </form>, </body> and </HTML>

5. now when you complie the application and click the print button you will get print page with datagrid on it.


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